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Technische Daten

Modell: 66903
Anzahl Ports: 3 Port
Interne Anschlüsse: nicht vorhanden
Externe Anschlüsse: 1x Parallel, 2x Seriell
Schnittstelle: miniPCIe
Verpackung: retail

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     am 18.06.2017
Verifizierter Kauf
Very nice choice that allows you to "smuggle" LPT/COM ports even on a mini-ITX board that has mini-PCIe connector. That is, if you deon't need it for WiFi.

Card is larger than WI-Fi standard, so usually certain amount of poetic freedom is needed when mounting it.

It works nicely and it isn't that much more expensive than usual PCI or PCIex1 adapter.

Why would one need such card in this day and age ? For communication with microcontrollers, chip programmers etc.

I bought two of them and use them under Linux ( can't say anything about Windows drivers).

Both work wery fine for me.


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