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Super Mini and Lightweight Size

The overall dimension of Jewel J01 is minimized by 30% and only 1.3 cm of length is in sight when it connects to the USB port. Therefore you are able to put your laptop or tablet into the handbag without removing the USB flash drive on the go.

Rugged Metallic Casing

Jewel J01 is designed with a stylish and compact shape, and it gets fingerprint-resistant and anti-scratch coating. In addition, the lidless design not only frees you from losing the cap, but allows you to carry J01 with a chain attached to your belonging.

Vibration, Water and Dust proof

In order to avoid data loss and corruption, Jewel J01 applies the use of Micro COB (Chip On Board) technology and durable metallic material that promise complete protections against vibration, water and dust.

USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Data Transfer

Jewel J01, with USB 3.0 transfer interface and storage space up to 64GB, offers blazing-fast speeds and more room for precious photos and videos. Your fun and easy mobile life starts here!

Technische Daten

Modellserie: Jewel J01
Grösse des Sticks: 32 GB
Farbe: rot
Schnittstelle: USB 3.0
Lesegeschwindigkeit bis zu: keine Angabe
Schreibgeschwindigkeit bis zu: keine Angabe

Hinweis: Für die Richtigkeit und Vollständigkeit der hier aufgeführten Daten wird keine Haftung übernommen.



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